Welcome To Floor Compliance Solutions

Welcome To Floor Compliance Solutions

Our Services

Non-Slip Floor Treatment

Our independent experts will navigate floor compliance with you and engineer anti-slip solutions, with our initial walk-through assessment.

Slip Resistance Testing

Our consultants can attend your site to conduct Slip Resistance Testing on AS 4586 and AS 4663

Risk Assessment

Floor Compliance Solutions can help you manage risks to reduce liabilities.

Floor Sealers

We can apply clear or colored sealers to protect your flooring and make it safe.

Why Choose Floor Compliance Solutions?

Floor Compliance Solutions is a floor expert consultancy company. Servicing commercial, residential, construction, and facility management industries.



Our team is highly experienced in providing floor compliance solutions to the Australian market.

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We are uncompromising on safety and believe that safety is an integral part of every aspect of our work.



We stritly adhere to Australian standards, Building codes and guidelines.

Get in touch for all your floor safety requirements.

How to get started?

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Call or Inquire to discuss how best we can assist you.

Site Assessment

Our consultant will conduct the site assessment.


We will provide a quotation to get your floor compliant.


Floor is compliant to Australian codes and standards

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Recent Projects

Our work isn’t just about words; it’s about tangible results. Explore our gallery of images from recent projects, showcasing the transformation and enhancement we bring to various spaces. Each image represents a success story of improved safety and compliance.

Ask Us About

Luminance Contrast Testing

Moisture Testing

Stair Nosing

Slip Resistance Testing and Compliance

Tactile Ground Surface Indicator (TGSI)

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